Free Montessori Style Addition Worksheets (Double-Digit Addition)

When my kids were first learning to do double-digit addition, I found some Montessori math worksheets that worked extremely well for them.  They could follow the color scheme and also there was plenty of room for them to write in the numbers. I wound up making numerous sets for them.  I thought I would make a new set in a fall theme for those of you with kids just delving into this new skill!

The first four worksheets require no regrouping (ie. carrying).  Kids just practice adding the numbers in the same columns. Two sheets add tens and ones; two sheets add tens and tens.  The second four worksheets require kids to regroup (ie. carry) a number to the second (blue) column.

These addition worksheets are FREE to download. Just click the link or the picture below!!  Enjoy! ~Liesl

Montessori Style Addition Worksheets – Fall Theme

Free Montessori Style Addition Worksheets

Free Fall Addition and Subtraction Worksheets

Free Fall Addition and Subraction WorksheetsDown at the bottom of this post are other free Montessori-style addition pages I have made.

You might also be interested in these addition and subtraction math materials (Find out more by clicking on the links below):

Dragon Math Packet (Addition, Subtraction worksheets & games)

math board games addition doublingaddition subtraction worksheets

Addition Fact Activities: Fact Families Worksheets and Game Boards

Fact Families 5s through 19s (plus a Doubling game board)

Number Family Activities - worksheets gamesWhy learn the number families? Knowing their fact families helps a lot as kids start to work on their subtraction facts. They know that 6+7=13, so 13-7 becomes easy! Below is a picture of the 12s Math Family:

  • On the worksheet, students have to make 12: 0+12, 1+11, 2+9, 3+8, etc.
  • There is a game board and number cards.  Players take turns drawing a card (using the numbers 3 through 9 for this particular game) to make 12.

Addition 12s Math Family

50+ page Addition and Subtraction Pet Pack: This packet includes 35+ pages of worksheets and a math game board with math fact cards.

Addition Subtraction Pet-Themed WorksheetsAddition-Subtraction-Game

Place Value Materials and Pirate Math Packet. This post also has a video that explains how we did our place value activities.

Pirate-Math-Packet-Games-Worksheets-MathCards-Activity-Ideas Pirate-Clocks-Analog-Digital-Practice-Matching-CardsPlace Value Printables

These packets are sold separately or you can purchase all of them together in our Addition Bundle:

includes 5 pdf files

1.  the Pirate Pack which includes 65 pages of math activities

2.  Place Value printables

3. Pet Pack addition worksheets and games  (50 pages)

4. Addition Fact Activities: Fact Families Worksheets and Game Boards

5. Dragon Math Packet (Addition, Subtraction worksheets & games) 50 pages

(Click on the links above to go to the post for more details or scroll below for pictures.)

Addition Bundle (5 pdf files): Pirate Packet, Place Value Activities, Pet Pack and Math Fact Family Games and Worksheets


Don’t forget to check your PayPal email address for the download link from SendOwl (the service I use).

Pirate-Math-Packet-Games-Worksheets-MathCards-Activity-Ideas Pirate-Clocks-Analog-Digital-Practice-Matching-CardsPlace Value PrintablesAddition Subtraction Pet-Themed WorksheetsAddition-Subtraction-Game

Addition Games for Mathmath board games addition doubling

Again, if you have any questions or problems, feel free to email me.

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P.S. A few years ago after I shared these sheets, someone informed me that these are not “Montessori” math sheets.  I had gotten these types of problems off of a website that called itself “Montessori” years ago so I made the assumption that they were… but I am not trained as a Montessori teacher.  I just make things that work for my kids. Hopefully, they work for your kids too!  :) ~Liesl





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