Sommer Wortschatz – German Worksheets and Activities

Sommerwörter: German Worksheets and Activities

As the school year winds down, we are doing one more unit in German. I made the kids a new packet: Sommer Wortschatz worksheets and games.

The kids will be studying vocabulary relating to camping, going to the beach, swimming, etc.  There are picture cards (either with the words in German or blank):

Sommerwörter - KartenThere are a number of matching worksheets – German words to pictures as well as German to English.

Sommerwörter German Worksheets SommerThere are also blank worksheet pages for the kids to fill in the vocabulary:

German Worksheets Sommer

My kids enjoyed the word-searches I made in another German packet, so I included a couple of those:

German Activities - SommerFinally, I made the kids a Sommerwörter Bingo game.

Print pages 25-28 on cardstock.  Laminate the sheets. Provide your students with dry erase markers so the cards can be used again and again!

My kids love playing bingo to review vocabulary.  If you have a class, you can divide the students into small groups. Let one student read the words from the list provided while the other students cross off the pictures.  The winner is the first one to cross off two rows (in any direction).

German for Kids - Sommer Bingo Game

Sommerwörter: German Worksheets and Activities

This packet is $3.00.  It is about 25 pages and includes vocabulary cards, matching pages (German to picture, German to English), fill-in-the-blank pages, 2 word searches, and 8 bingo cards.

Note: This packet is included in the German Bundle 2 (click here for more information here).


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German Bundle 2:

German Worksheets for KidsGerman BUNDLE 2


BUNDLE 2 includes ALL of the packets listed below ($6.50)

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