Free Astronomy Worksheets – Middle School

Today, I have a few astronomy worksheets to share with you.  I made these for my older two (who are in grades 6 and 8).  Here are some of the astronomy topics we talked about:

  • What is an AU (astronomical unit)?
  • the layers of the Sun
  • the Sun’s atmosphere
  • solar flares, sunspots, flages
  • planetary orbits, Kepler’s Laws
  • asteroids, comets

Last week, I shared a free packet about the planets of the solar system. Those were geared more for younger kids. My older two were intrigued to find out more about black holes, quasars and things like that. We spent 20-30 minutes reading about all kinds of astronomy topics each day for a couple of weeks.

As I said in the last post, we read *a lot* of books for this unit!

Planets Solar System Books for KidsThe kids chose their own from a huge stack of library books. Plus, I had my older two read  Focus On Middle School Astronomy Student Textbook, which is a student textbook from Real Science 4 Kids (homeschool curriculum).

astronomy books middle schoolAs you can see in the picture to the right, we also have Space Science (affiliate link) by McDougal Littell (a publishing company that makes a lot of public school textbooks).  This science text is for grades 6-8. Chapters include: 1. Exploring Space 2. Earth, Moon, Sun 3. Our Solar System 4. Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe.  It has some really good information that we’ll probably go into at a later date (such as the life cycles of stars) . (We’ve now moved on to a new science unit.)

If you use the astronomy notebook pages I made for the kids, you might want to get a book specifically about the Sun.  We used a number of different books about the Sun; this one was pretty good– Exploring the Sun (affiliate link) (it’s copyright is 2016).  But your public library probably has a number of books that will work as well.

We spent quite a bit of time talking about planets’ elliptical orbits (including the definition of an ellipse, etc.) and then spent a bit of time talking about asteroids, the asteroid belts, comets, etc.

We will probably need to come back to astronomy again at some point in the future as there were so many more topics we could explore!

These notebook pages are free to download if you can use them.  The answer sheets are included as well. 🙂 Enjoy! ~Liesl

(P.S.) Fixed a couple of typos May 1st. 🙂

Free Astronomy Worksheet Packet Middle School

Astronomy worksheets for middle schoolDon’t forget you can get our Planets of the Solar System pages free over at this post:

Free Planets of the Solar System Worksheets

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