Types of Governments Worksheets – World Leaders (Currently Free)

We have a new packet to share with you that touches on some of the different forms of government, societies, and some of our current world leaders. These notebook pages are my kids’ first introduction to some of the terms and complicated concepts about world governments, government systems, and politics.

Types of Government WorksheetsI wanted to explore some of the different forms of government… those that are ruled just by one person, a few people, or many.

  • rule by one: monarch, dictatorship
  • rule by a few: oligarchy, junta, single-party state
  • rule by many: democracy, republic, parliamentary system, presidential system, constitutional government

We talked about these different political terms (and many others!). And we also explored how these relate to different economic systems (and their societies) such as capitalism, communism, and socialism.

Some of the terms and concepts we  talked about included:

  • Anarchy
  • Dictatorship
  • Totalitarian
  • Junta
  • Single- Party Rule
  • Republic, Representative Democracy
  • Theocracy
  • Monarchy
  • Parliament
  • Republic
  • Federal Government
  • Capitalism
  • Communism
  • Socialism

Before we dove into this material, though, we spent time reviewing how the U.S. government works.  As many of you know, we did a unit on Civics and Government a couple of years ago.  I brought out some of these materials again.

Civics and Government Unit and WorksheetsWe talked about the three branches of government and reviewed some of the key points under each branch…

  • President has to be at least 35 years old.
  • Judicial branch has 9 Justices who serve for life.
  • The House of Representatives has 435 members.
  • etc. etc.

In fact, I had my youngest do the activity about the three branches of government.  In all we spent about 10 days reviewing this material again. (You know, a bit each day.)

3Branches-of-GovernmentOnce we reviewed that, we talked about different forms of government throughout history.

We talked about how a government can be ruled by just one person (like emperors, monarchs, or dictators), by a group (a military group or political party), or by many people (democracy, republic, etc.) We filled out this page (little by little):

Different types of Government WorksheetWe talked about how a parliamentary system differs from the US system. And, we talked about how governments are often a mix of many of these terms. We talked about the debates over the word “democratic” countries and what the really means and so forth.

I also picked out about 10 different world leaders and we talked about the type of government they are a part of and how different world leaders have different types of powers depending on their country’s form of government. (We included al-Assad of Syria, but of course his power as President is tenuous.)

World Leaders Worksheets

What was really interesting for the kids was that several of the leaders on our notebook pages were in the news as we covered this material! For example, Robert Mugabe turned 93 (on Feb. 21, 2017).  And of course, the older brother of the North Korean Leader was mysteriously killed in an airport in Malaysia on Feb. 13. Two women wiped something on his face and he died within twenty minutes.  Later, it was determined to be a deadly toxin – VX nerve agent, classified as a weapon of mass destruction by the United Nations.

We talked about current government and societies in anarchy or being run by a dictatorship, single-party rule, theocracy, parliamentary system and so forth.

different government systemsThis is some pretty challenging material (even for adults)!  I suggest using this with middle school and high school (although I have three kids and I talked about this material with all of them (currently grades 3,6,8). You know, that’s how homeschooling is!)

I’d like to share this packet with you today. It is 18 pages and includes fairly extensive teacher notes (though of course, you might want to do some research to add your own spin on current events! It is currently free to download!

By the way, I know that world events change all the time. If you notice that these are no longer up-to-date or if you need a slight change feel free to email me and I will see what I can do to edit the file. 🙂 ~Liesl

Click here to download these worksheets (currently free):

Types of Government Worksheets – Modern World Leaders

Types of Government Worksheets

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