Free Spanish Worksheet: Parts of the Body – El Cuerpo

Are you teaching your kids Spanish? You’ll want to grab this free printable to help your kids learn about the body – el cuerpo!

This year, I teamed up with Sra. Morato from Homeschool Spanish Curriciulum to create a series of  free Spanish worksheets for you. This is the 4th post in this series.

Sra. Morato teaches Spanish classes online. She is a native Spanish speaker and has more than 20 years of teaching experience. For many years she taught IB Spanish at a local high school. She has developed a series of online Spanish classes for homeschoolers and others. She teaches Spanish 1 and 2 and is also developing a new course for grade school students (K-6th): Elementary Spanish.

Now let me turn this post over to Sra. Morato.

Hola Padres!

I want to thank Liesl for allowing me to put my Spanish touch again on her amazing homeschool blog! Today’s Spanish lesson is all about the body. We are going to keep it simple and fun.

Grammar rule to remember!

Nouns in Spanish have number and gender. Specially pay extra attention when you are referring to the body part using the noun in singular or plural form.  The same applies to the gender of noun.


Singular Plural
El ojo – the eyeLa ceja – the eyebrow Los ojos- the eyesLas cejas – the eyebrows
Feminine Masculine
La boca- the mouthLa cara- the face El dedo- the fingerEl pie- the foot

Action Steps:

1. Print the worksheet

2. Review the vocabulary. Use the in the free printable cards and/or visit

3. Here are a few videos to make learning fun and meaningful!

In addition, if you have not yet work on the previous Spanish lessons Liesl and I want to encourage you to scroll down and find the lessons about the Calendar, Fruit and vegetables and the Fall topics.

Click here to download the Free Spanish Worksheet:

the body – el cuerpo Free Spanish Worksheet


New Spanish Course for Elementary:   I am excited to announce that I am in the process of creating a new Spanish course for elementary ages.  Many parents have asked for it and my own daughter is eager to learn along with many other students. Please visit this page  for more information about the Spanish Course for the Elementary Years (K-Gr. 6).

It’s Liesl again!  I just thought I would share this brief video where Sra. Morato’s talks about her Elementary Spanish Course (By the way, my two girls are in her Elementary Spanish class. My girls are 9 and 12. They are already speaking a bit of Spanish! 🙂 They’ve learned so much so far — family members, greetings, numbers, shapes, animals, special celebrations, and more! They really enjoy their live classes with Sra. Morato, so we whole-heartedly recommend her classes.)

Again, to learn more about me and my Spanish classes (Elementary Spanish, Spanish 1 and Spanish 2) visit my website

Hasta luego!

~Sra. Morato

Spanish Teacher/ Curriculum Designer/ Homeschool Mom

It’s Liesl here!  Thank you to Sra. Morato for helping to put together these fun Spanish worksheets!  Be sure to visit some of the other Spanish printables we’ve made for you this year:

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Happy Homeschooling!
~Liesl and Sra. Morato

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