Taking Care of Ourselves

Welcome to Day 6 of the Back to Homeschool Challenge! Last week our challenge was to work on some of the nuts and bolts of our homeschools:

  • Our first challenge was just to spend a few minutes reflecting on the journey we’re on and being grateful for the opportunities we have as homeschoolers


Today we’re going to talk about taking care of ourselves.  It is absolutely essential that we are taking care of ourselves and not just giving and giving to the rest of the family.   What’s your plan of action for taking care of yourself this fall (and beyond)?


Be sure when you are filling your schedule with events, co-ops, and activities for the kids, be sure you also schedule in those things that energize you.

What will you do to fill your bucket?  Will you join a book club, a choir, plan a weekend getaway with a friend, read, schedule regular date nights, special coffee dates with friends?

Ask yourself, How can I make space for beauty, love, and play today?

What can I do today that will help me to be energized and happy in the long run?

How will you unwind and relax?

Make sure you’re taking time for yourself.

Speaking of scheduling things, be careful not to over-schedule your lives.

Do you remember last week when we filled out the curriculum grid to see if we were taking on too much academically? Today (and this semester) make sure you don’t over-commit yourself (and the kids).

I keep track of our activities on a paper calendar that I keep in a 3-ring notebook. That notebook comes with me to meetings and events where I might need to schedule in new activities. Our calendar is always free to download. Here is our latest one that covers July 2016 to June 2017: Free Calendar Printable

Free 2016 2017 Printable Calendar with HolidaysBut you know how you like to keep track of life — perhaps its a mounted wall calendar, a large desk calendar, an online calendar — whatever you use, just be thoughtful about what you say yes to!

Finally, do you have an exercise program?  If not, get started today! Get into the habit now before you start adding in all the school subjects. That time you spend going to the gym, going for a walk or run, jumping on the exercise bike, going for a hike or playing raquetball with friends are essential. They help you clear your head.

I still can’t go running long distances (residual problems from all the ear issues and the six surgeries I had a couple years ago – you can see the video about all that here: What in the world is semi-circular canal dehiscence? if you’re wondering about the crazy symptoms I had….  Anyway, back to exercise… So this fall, I’ll continue to go walking and have added in weight lifting. Nothing fancy, but I’m following the beginner program outlined in a book I bought this summer called Strong Curves (affiliate link). I wanted someone to outline a bunch of exercises… and I’ve been doing that twice a week now for about six weeks. It has a good combination of arms, core and legs so it suited my needs.  I’d like to move that up to three times a week and add in the third beginner workout they have outlined in the book… (Hey, but at least I figured out how to do the two and am doing those regularly!).  And my kids are also now old enough to play raquetball.  I took them each once this summer (separately) and they *loved* it! Me too… So it looks like I might take them to play regularly. Fun!

I hope you got the gist of this post. Make sure you are finding things that keep you refreshed. We are with our kids all day long and taking that mental break and time to yourself is key to keeping from burning out!!

Often, we get our best ideas and our biggest inspiration while taking time for ourselves!


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