Back to Homeschool Challenge, Day 4: Homeschool Shopping List

I love this time of year… fresh pencils, new binders, and colorful fun writing journals.  And apparently I’ve given my joy and excitement of office supplies to my kids.  Today your challenge is two-fold… check to see what you need, but being careful not to OVERSHOP!!!  This is a voice of experience saying this!! :)  One year we wound up with so many glue sticks we had to donate a huge bag of them in the spring!!  The deals might be great, but they’re not useful if you wind up cluttering your closet and taking up precious space, right?!!!

So, create your own shopping list carefully and keep to the list!

Now that I said that, though, I find that there’s a better selection of journals at the beginning of the school year than at other times.  My kids *love* their writing journals so I definitely stock up on plenty of those.

And each year I also stock up on supplies for our units.  This year we’re starting back with a unit on electrical circuits so we bought everything from wire, bulbs, LED diodes, battery holders, tiny motors and other things for the projects we’ll be doing. :) Fun!!

And I also invested in a spiral binder.  We’ve had a comb binder for years, but I decided I really needed the heartier spiral binder for some of the packets the kids will be using.  But let me be honest, I’ve been thinking hard about this for 2 years before finally making the purchase. (See the note above about not over shopping!!!) I haven’t yet used it, so I can’t recommend it one way or the other.

If you’re interested you can print out the Homeschool Supply List this also includes a Homeschool Science List I put together last year. This is free to download:

Homeschool Supply List – Science Supply List

Homeschool-Supply-List-Homeschool-Science-Supply-List-FeatureSee you tomorrow for Day 5 of our Back to Homeschool Challenge.  Be sure to visit our Homeschool Den Facebook Page. Don’t forget to Subscribe to our Homeschool Den Newsletter. Be sure to check out our Homeschool Den Store. Have a great day!! ~Liesl



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