Back to Homeschool Challenge – Day 1

Up until the last minute, I knew exactly what our first challenge would be… You know it, I know it… We should discuss organization, right?  It’s at the core of keeping things running smoothly during the year.  But then much to my surprise, an idea popped into my head.  I realized there was something more important to tap into first… and this post kind of wrote itself!

Back-to-Homeschool-Challenge-Day1Cartoon graphic purchased from canstockphoto.

Today’s task shouldn’t take long, but I think it’s important to acknowledge the homeschool journey we’ve embarked on.

Let’s face it, we homeschoolers are a lucky bunch. We live in a country that allows us to homeschool. We see it as our right and our responsibility to educate our kids.

We’re passionate… and we’re also immensely fortunate.

We have the financial wherewithal to make homeschooling work.

We have an unprecedented number resources available to us personally and as a culture. We can access experts through books, video, blogs, documentaries, social media, and more.

We can visit places that people of other times never imagined… we can “visit” the bottom of the ocean because of the funding people have poured into creating and sharing their video footage.  We can look into the edges of space through NASA’s free public website. Not to mention the field trips we can take easily by popping into our cars and visiting the local attractions.

So, as we begin to gear up for an amazing, incredible year… I challenge you to take a few minutes to *really* look at the times we live in and the reasons to be grateful for our homeschooling journey.

Feel free to print out the colorful little pdf I created below to add to your Homeschool Organizational Notebook. :)

Passionate Homeschoolers (free printable)

Homeschooling-ThankfulI actually enjoyed thinking and writing down my thoughts.  I jotted a few things that I don’t normally acknowledge along this homeschool journey of ours… I’ll share a few of my thoughts below, though before you read what I had to say, you might want to print this out (or jot things down in your own homeschool journal) so I don’t influence you. :)

  • We’re so lucky to homeschool for all those reasons I mentioned above. I feel grateful to be living a place that allows us to homeschool. I love and appreciate the independence we have to create our learning experiences. I love that we can create our curriculum. I love that the world is our oyster!
  • We are able to homeschool because… it boils down to this… that I have an amazing, incredible, supportive Hubby — Tony.  He’s my everything.  He’s an amazing Dad.  He might be away from home working through much of the day, but he is always here on the homeschool journey with us. He’s involved, wants to know what we’re doing, what cool things we’ve learned.  He prods the kids and challenges them.   He cheers us on.    Often, he picks up the slack. He’s been my ear (sometimes literally -haha– since I had those 6 surgeries and went deaf in my left ear a couple years ago!!) and my shoulder to lean on.  He’s been the person to sweep the kids away to give me a “break.”    And of course, this blog and this business wouldn’t exist without the support and help he’s given over the years!
  • Homeschooling will be great for the kids this year because we can delve deeply into foreign languages and music and art and the sciences and history — as well as the basics math, writing, reading, etc.  We can let the kids explore and find their passions.  We can tweak the curriculum to make the most of opportunities around us.
  • Homeschooling will be great for me because I get to watch my kids grow. I get to experience the ah-hah moments.  I get to cheer them on when something they dreaded becomes something they love!
  • We are amazing because… we love each other.  We are a family.

I am lucky because I have a greater, wider homeschooling family to connect with —  YOU — my dear Reader! Thanks for joining us today! ~Liesl


The doors are now closed for our Homeschool Mastermind Group.  Our Facebook discussions began August 29th.

Find Support and Encouragement, Feel Inspired!  Homeschool-Mastermind-Group-HomeschoolDenEnrollment is now closed!!


Click here for more details: Homeschool Mastermind Group

Our 14-week Homeschool Mastermind Course is now closed for enrollment.  This course will help us grow as a homeschoolers as we explore a wide range of topics including discussions not only curriculum (what works or doesn’t!) but also in areas that make us better instructors, facilitators and parents! :)

  • Knowing Your Why.
  • Your Philosophy of Education, Your Homeschool Style
  • Homeschool Learning Space and Organization, Chore talk!  Homeschool Planning
  • Homeschool Routines, Systems, Procedures and Transitions
  • Creating Meaningful Learning Experiences – Hands-on Learning, Project Based Learning – Sharing strategies that work!
  • Socialization & Family Values, Balancing the Homeschool Extras
  • Dealing with Bad Moods, Frustration, Sibling Arguments
  • and more…

This course will be limited to 20 participants. Enrollment is now closed.

Click here for more details: Homeschool Mastermind Group

Homeschool Mastermind Group - Discussion Group - homeschooldenHomeschool Mastermind Group - HomeschoolDenDiscussionGroup

Click here for more details: Homeschool Mastermind Group - Enrollment is now closed.


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