Free Cloud Worksheets

Today I have some free cloud worksheets for you.  Why? I’m in the process of making a Road Trip Travel Log for the kids for a cross-country trip this summer. This is just one of the sections, but it made sense to share this as a separate pdf file as well so that those of you working on a weather unit can find these pages more easily if they are of interest.

The idea behind these pages is for the kids to find all the different types of clouds over the month or so that we’re on the go.

There are also some photos to help the kids identify what they are seeing:

  • Cumulus
  • Cumulonimbus
  • Altocumulus
  • Contrail
  • Stratus
  • Nimbostratus
  • Altostratus
  • Stratocumulus
  • Cirrus
  • Cirrostratus
  • Cirrocumulus

If you find any errors, please let me know! This project is a work in progress! 🙂 ~Liesl

Cloud Worksheets


If you want an even better resource for your kids to find and identify clouds than the free printable above, you might want to check out this book: The Cloud Collector’s Handbook by Gavin Pretor-Pinney. (affiliate link)  It’s a really neat resource and has the kids (or adults!) identify and record the clouds they see.  The kids then collect “cloud-collection points” based on how hard each cloud or effect is to see.  After browsing through the Look Inside feature over at Amazon, I ordered a copy for our family (and one for Grandpa so he can compete with the kids from afar!!). 🙂  It looks really fun!! There are really nice photos, a brief description, an an explanation of the number of points you’ll earn if you spot that type of cloud. Here’s one of the sample pages.


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If you are doing a weather unit, be sure to check out our free Weather Packet and see if that might be of interest as well. It includes a lot of fun experiments that we did about air, water, temperature and more!  🙂


Earlier this year, I also made some Water Cycle worksheets that might be of interest. We reviewed the water cycle, drainage basins and watersheds as we started off our Ocean Unit.  These are also free:


Be sure to check out our other packets:

50 page Earth Science packet:

  • Learn how to make a earthquake shake table, hands-on activities to learn about tectonic plate movement, more than a dozen hands-on activities
  • Topics include: Solar System, Layers of the Earth, Earth’s Axis and the Seasons, Latitude and Longitude, Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, 4 Types of Mountains


Simple Machines Packet This packet include our hands on activities on levers,  wedges and more. See the Simple Machines Video Post here.


Digestive System Unit – This packet includes hands on activities about digestion, the length of the digestive tract and more


Human Body System Worksheets


Skeleton System Worksheets 


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A Study of Cells Worksheet Packet: Cell Theory, Eurkaryotic vs. Prokaryotic Cells, Cell Organelles, Animal vs. Plant Cells and More


Biology Packet – The Biosphere

We talked a lot about the abiotic factors that make up an ecosystem (anything that is not living — climate, soil, weather, etc.), as well as touching on dominant plants and animals.  We spent time on feeding relationships and biological interactions. So, we went over the basic terms like herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, detritivores. And, we also talked a lot about the more complex biological interactions — from mutualism,when two species interact and both get something positive out of the interaction, to various forms of amensalism – when one organism benefits and the other is harmed and/or destroyed like parasitism, competition and antibiosis. We talked about the food chain and food webs as well as the difference between habitats, ecosystems, and biomes.

Biology Packet-The BiosphereOcean Unit

After our Biology/Biosphere Unit, we went on to study the hydrosphere — ie. the ocean. Find out more about our ocean unit here:


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