Contraction Worksheets and Activity – Cupcake Theme

ED is working on contractions such as I’m, she’s, we’re, can’t, doesn’t, won’t, wouldn’t, etc.  She definitely needs more practice with these so I made some cupcake themed activities for her to practice and polish up on this grammar skill.

To use the cupcakes, you should print pages 2 and 3 out on cardstock and cut the cupcake in two pieces. The kids then match the top and bottom to find the contractions that match. Sorry, we’re running out of red ink in the printer, so our cards didn’t turn out as well as you can see form the photo below. 🙂


The other pages are worksheets for her to practice forming contractions, using contractions in a sentence, a contraction matching page, etc. There are 7 pages.

They are free to download. 🙂 Enjoy!

Cupcake Contractions Worksheets and Matching Activity


If you were able to use these with your kids, I’d love to hear from you here or over at our Homeschool Den Facebook Page!


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