4 Fun, Active Games for Practicing Math Facts
May 27, 2014 Active Math Games

With the weather so beautiful, we’ve taken math outside. Don’t you love when the kids BEG and BEG for more math practice?!! So here are some of the games we’ve been playing outside…

Math Sponge Toss: If it’s getting warm where you live, the kids might enjoy this activity.  We hung math problems up on the garage door with painters tape. The kids took turns trying to SPLAT their card. If they hit the card AND solved it correctly, they got to take it down from the wall. As you can see, the kids each had their own color and their problems were different since they’re covering different things. You could even include your little ones by including cards with just a number, letter or shape (square, triangle, etc.).


Math Fact Hopscotch: We drew a hopscotch game and then put two numbers in the double squares. The kids had to either add (for ED) or multiply (for DD and LD) the numbers before they jumped on the number. They raced through as fast as they could once while I kept time. To “win” they had to beat their own time the second time through.


Math Bulls-eye Game: We created a bulls-eye with chalk. The outer numbers were drawn in green, the inner numbers in pink.  The kids had to try to get a pom-pom on each color. They added or multiplied those numbers together. If they landed on one of each color they got a point and if they got the answer correct they also got a point.


Math 5-Minute Relay Race: For this race, I made up cards ahead of time so that LD did percentage or fraction problems while DD did multiplication/division and ED practiced addition.   The kids had to work together to get as many problems correct in five minutes as they could.  They took turns running up the hill, grabbing a problem from their pile, solving it before crossing the finish line and tagging the next person to play.  They LOVED, LOVED this activity!!  We did this three times before I called it quits — and we played it again the next day too!


Be sure to check out this post too. My kids loved this Chalk Math Game! The best thing about the Chalk Circle Game, is that it can be used for any math fact practice.  So, my three kids had different problems to solve.

  • ED (age 7) used it for skip counting and multiplication practice. (2s, 3s, 5s)
  • DD (age 9) used it for division practice.
  • LD (age 12) used it for some Order of Operations/Pre-Algebra practice.
  • If you have younger kids you could use this for addition or even for number recognition if you have a preschooler.

Again, see more details here:


Do you have some games that make math fact practice fun?? We’d love to hear your ideas over at our Homeschool Den Facebook Page!!

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