Science Egg-speriments! Just in Time for Easter! (Part 1 of 4)
April 11, 2014 Ages 2-6: Bird Unit

EggSpect the UnEggSpected with this series of fun Science EggSperiments! In this series you’ll find a dozen terrific egg activities to do with you kids. So… for the first EggSperiment…


Because Easter is coming up, we devoted the past week to some fun science EggSperiments.

This experiments requires you to soak a raw egg for two days in vinegar, so I’ll share this experiment first so you have time to get it ready for your kids!

We soaked 3 eggs in vinegar so each of my kids had an egg to work with:



When the eggs are ready, gently remove them from the vinegar. The egg will feel very rubbery and pliable! We used old baby food jars for this experiment.  Make sure that you don’t press on the egg to hard or the membrane will burst.  Both ED and DD’s eggs broke within the first five minutes:



LD was having better luck.  We decided to start over again with his egg because he stopped making progress. We ran the baby food jar under hot water and placed the egg on top. Then we packed some frozen veggies around the outside since cool air contracts. That seemed to do the trick. Slowly, agonizingly slowly, the egg began to work its way down into the baby food jar!

The more he worked with the egg, the more of the shell came off leaving behind just the membrane between success and disaster!  We shouted with joy when the egg made it into the jar without breaking!



We have another dozen EggSperiments to share with you… and I’m almost done putting them together into a printable pack. I shared that at the end of this series. (Update: Here is the Egg Experiment Packet! It’s free to download!!)


In the meantime, start soaking your eggs in vinegar and buy two or three dozen eggs to be prepared for more Egg Activities! You’ll need some hard boiled eggs as well.  We’ll see you back for three more EggSperiments tomorrow!

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