Counting Kitties Printable for Tots and PreK
January 31, 2014 Math: Preschool Math

When I was creating the post about practicing time, I remembered the  Counting Kitties activity sheets I made for ED when she was 3 or so.  I thought I would share them again. I had ED count the number of kitties and then color in the corresponding number of squares below. It helps them learn one-to-one correspondence. At the time, it was a little on the easy side for my daughter, so she also practiced writing the number as well.

Click here to download the Counting Kitties Activity Sheets (there’s a total of 9 pages):


I drew the kitty myself using a computer drawing pad Hubby got me for my birthday.

You might also be interested in the free Kitty Clock Printable I shared in yesterday’s post about our time activities:


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