Kitty Race Game — Doubling (5+5 thru 10+10)
October 1, 2013 Kindergarten Math

ED loves kittens and I made this game for her to practice her doubling.  It’s a pretty straight-forward game. Just roll the die, double the number and move the token up one space. This doesn’t have to be a competitive game… the players just guess which kitty is going to win the game. (I drew all these kitties — not professional by any means but ED likes them and the fact that I made the game for her!)

You Need: You need to make a die (on a wooden cube) that has the numbers 5 through 10. Gather 6 tokens to place on the board. [In the photo below of ED playing the game, she set two animals on the #12 space for some reason… they just moved together!!]

To Play: Each player takes a turn rolling the die. Double that number and move the token one space closer to the kitty. When the token reaches one of the kitties, that kitty has won.

You can download the  free Kitty Races-Doubling Game 5+5 to 10+ 10


I put this game out on the dining room table on Friday morning (see the cereal there on the right?!)… and wouldn’t you know… ED practiced 50 math facts by the time she was done eating! Her favorite kitty was pepper (the black one with the big eyes 2nd from the left because it’s a copy of one of her stuffed animals-funny enough because that one’s my least favorite drawing. I’m not a big fan of those HUGE-EYED stuffed animals!)



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