Can’t Wait to Talk about this Movie with my Friends

My friend recommended a movie called the Queen of Versailles to me. It’s the true story/documentary film of a wealthy American family who are building the largest and most extravagant family home in the world. I watched it and can’t wait to have a coffee and long chat with my friend! I don’t want to spoil it for those who might watch it (it’s on Netflix)… but I came away bubbling with things to talk about with my friends… family life, living within your means, family values… (In fact, I’m going to call a couple of my friends and tell them to watch it so I can talk about it to them as well!)  Just wanted to recommend it to you as well!

Since I was curious about what happened after filming, I googled the movie. I definitely recommend watching the film before finding out about all the “other stuff.”

By the way, someone asked if kids could watch it. I don’t remember any foul language or violence, but it would bore my kids to tears.  It is rated PG.

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