The Kids Sing the 7 Continent Song
May 30, 2013 Ages 2-6: Preschool (Age 4)

Yesterday someone asked me how the tune to the 7 Continents song goes that we use in geography.  We decided to try our hand making a video to help. ED sang the song by herself the first time through… then all the kids joined in the other two times.

When they were first learning the seven continents they pointed (at first with my help) to each continent. When they were a little older they put the label on the map. I used straight pins and this was always a supervised activity (use your judgement with your own kids). Last month, ED was learning about the world animals and she put the animal cards on each continent (the last time we sang through the song).  Keep in mind when we usually do this… we sing it much, much slower as they struggle to figure out where things go, etc. but we didn’t want to turn the video into a snoozer so they sang it through pretty quickly.

We had a number of bloopers and flubs (which made us roll on the floor laughing this evening), but this version went fairly well! So… here are the kids in their very first you-tube video!

If you want to print out and make your own Montessori materials, here are the posts where you’ll find those free downloads…

You’ll find the Montessori World Map here (free to download over at that post)


and the animal cards you saw in the video were from the post I did a couple weeks ago on Animals Around the World. You can download the small cards and/or the Montessori 3-Part world animal cards I made over at that post)…


If you found this helpful… or if you want to leave the kids a nice message, feel free to drop by my Homeschool Den Facebook page! The kids were pretty excited about sharing this with you!

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