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May 4, 2013 Ages 2-6: Preschool (Age 4)



We love books! When we lived overseas, the local library was quite lacking and we wound up with quite a collection of board books by the time all three kids were born!  ED still looks at these books pretty regularly and we’ll keep them around as she becomes a more confident reader (she’s still just reading simple 3 and 4 letter words). We actually have gotten rid of lots of board books already, but these books are keepers!

I’ll share a bit about them with you below:



I Went Walking is in the same style as Brown Bear, Brown Bear. I read this over and over when the kids were tots.

The Napping House and Guess How Much I Love You were especially beloved when the kids were around 3 or so.  ED still really loves Guess How Much I Love You — and she chooses this once every few weeks. She’ll often say I love you all the way to the trees and back… alluding to the lovely message in this book!

Mr Brown Can Moo! Can You? and Put Me in the Zoo were never the #1 favorites of my kids, though we read them pretty regularly.



This row of books, were ones I read to the kids SO SO SO often when they were babies! The rhythm and rhymes of Sheep in a Jeep and Jamberry are really appealing.   Baby Chick’s Day was the favorite of all three kids when they were 9-18 months old or so. All three of my kids learned to sign “bird” because of this book! It has a lovely little story and the tummy makes a little squeak. The kids also loved the textured books at that age like Touch and Feel Wild Animals, but they were so well used and loved, they got worn out and passed along. Big Red Barn is by the same author as Goodnight Moon.



Polar Bear, Polar Bear is the same basic storyline as Brown Bear, Brown Bear. For some reason, Brown Bear didn’t make it into this set of photos (it must be hidden elsewhere in ED’s room!). We still have these around because ED will “read” them aloud to herself!  Crazy Colours (obviously I bought that in Australia (where all 3 of my kids were born), right?!!) was another favorite of the kids when they were tiny tots (9-18 months) because they lifted the flap as we read.  I remember reading I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly to LD every single day,  3-times a day when my son was about two!! Sometimes I thought that book would never end because I was so tired (I was pregnant with DD at the time).  The Owl and the Pussycat has lovely pictures (by Jan Brett). And Go Dog, Go! was another must have. Our first copy was loved and gnawed on (by LD) and we got a replacement copy somewhere along the way.  My son loved, loved that book!!




All of these books were winners. We did baby-signing with our kids and I signed a lot of the words in Goodnight Moon! Good Night, Gorilla has no words, but I had to “read” it to the kids very, very regularly. My kids loved the books I Don’t Want to Go to Bed and I Don’t Want to Take a Bath. And–who doesn’t know (and love?!) Wheels on the Bus?! I used to read that one with the kids on my knee and would bounce them “up and down, up and down, up and down…. the wheels on the bus go up and down all around the town!”



Eric Carle’s books have been well loved here at the Homeschool Den… and we’ve even done a number of crafts based on his books:

A Chameleon Craft based on Mixed Up Chameleon.

That post shares a slideshow at Eric Carle’s website that I watched with the kids (click on the picture to read more)

Seahorse Craft based on Mister Seahorse. 



And a very simple tissue paper craft based on Eric Carle’s books when ED was about 18 months and DD was about 3 based on Eric Carle’s books:

 When friends and family are expecting, these are wonderful books to give as gifts!

What board books would you recommend to other families?


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