Preschool Science: Plants
September 6, 2012 Ages 2-6: Preschool (Age 4)

After doing a couple projects that talked about things that live above ground and below ground, we then delved a bit more into plants.

We did a cute sorting project from Kidssoup (a paid membership website) which shows where certain fruits and vegetables grow:


ED also sorted a whole series of cards into fruit and vegetable baskets. I’m not sure where I got these cards, but I made a set of similar fruit and vegetable sorting cards that you can download below.


Fruit and Vegetable Sorting Cards – FreeFree-Fruit-Vegetable-Sorting-CardsThe science book we’re using also talks about the parts of a plant. We pulled out a couple puzzles I have from Take It to Your Seat Science Centers that showed the basic plant parts. She put those together with a bit of help from LD.



Time’s run out for now–so I’ll save a couple more of our plant-related activities for another post.


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