Piggy Bank Counting; Odd Man Out (odd-even game)

Piggy bank counting
In this activity, the kids each had their own sets of coins and ‘piggy bank.’  (DD had nickles and pennies; LD had quarters, dimes, nickles and pennies.)

LD tossed his coins onto his piggy bank.  He got to ‘keep’ the ones that were heads up.  He sorted those and got rid of all the ones on ‘tails.”

Before counting his coins he had to trade in his pennies for dimes or nickles at the bank (the tray in the picture below.)

Sorting out the coins he got to keep (those coins on heads)
LD is counting out 10 pennies to trade at the bank for a dime.

Odd Man Out — I had never gone over the concept of odd and even with DD.  Today was the day.  To reinforce these concepts, I pulled out 6 tiles.  She had to roll the die, get that number of tiles and determine whether each counter had a partner (even) or if one was alone/the odd man out (odd). Pretty simple, right?!

We played this game at least 30 times, so I guess she liked it!

Eventually we decided to keep a tally of how many times even or odd came up.  And then we turned it into a competition to see who won on each side (who won the even side; who won the odd side).
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