Theme Time: Bears (cont.)

ED played with the little panda bears all day! She
even took them in the car on errands.

We followed up the re-enactment of Goldilocks (post
above) later in the day with a cute book called Beware
of the Bears
, which picks up when the bear family
comes home. They follow Goldilocks to her house and
wreak havoc there.

DD cut out the parts (above) and made a moveable polar
bear (from and ED and DD did
the polar bear counting with Montessori beads (well,
ED didn’t use the beads, but DD did.) (picture below)

DD made a bear out of cotton balls (which happened
to be on the counter — yeah, great housekeeper
I am, huh! At least I can say the mess inspires creativity!!)
She didn’t want to use the pom-poms (in the last
picture, though ED spent a lot of time putting the
pom-poms together to make a head, ears and a long

And we did the letter matching activity (TOO easy
said DD!)

Other than that it was once again the ‘normal’ stuff:
no music class today… sigh… I’m just overwhelmed
with the other stuff…

We did lots of errands once again because I started
a VERY long “For Sale” list and have sold more than
twenty things so far. I’m finally facing the fact they’re
we’re moving… soon, soon, soon. GULP!! Augh!! We’ve
been here 12 years and have accumulated a lot that
just needs to go.

 alphabet bears: (upper and lower case)

alphabet bears: (match upper, lower case separate)

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