Rainforest Animal Habitat (3-part card work)

I don’t think I ever talked about the kids’ sorting
of the rainforest animals. We have two packs of
3-part cards — the Amazon and the African
rainforest animals. Both sets of cards are from the
Montessori Print Shop for less than $2US each.

As always, we started with our continent song
and the general pin map of the 7 continents (not
shown in the photos here). Then we looked for all
the rainforest regions on our world biome map and
placed pins of the rainforest areas (see right sidebar
for free download of the world biome map and pin pieces).

Then the kids found and identified the continent
pages — South America and Africa. We went
through the animals of the Amazon, taking turns
saying “this is the poison dart frog, it lives in the
Amazon rainforest (etc.)” I handed out the other set
of picture cards and we took turns placing our picture on the matching photo (identifying it if they could).

We did this for Africa as well.

I have either Africa or South America written on
the back the picture sets (just the ones with the
animal names on them, not the matching picture
set). The next day I handed the kids all of the
animal pictures and they tried to sort them into
the proper continents (double checking the
answer on the back if necessary).

The third day I handed LD the animals that did
not have the continent written on the back. He
sorted them and then checked his answers as he
matched it with the other picture. He also had to
match the animal names to the pictures. He could
double check his work when he was done. (This was
too difficult for DD, age 4, and I didn’t want her to be frustrated.)

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