Our Thankful Tree

We’ve been reading, learning and doing activities related
to (American) Thanksgiving this week. I found a tree that
lights up at the discount store (Mad Harry’s, which sounds
like it’s like the “Dollar Tree” I always hear about online).

Anyway, this week I printed out some leaves on different
colored paper. The kids had to think about what they
were thankful for. Each day I wrote down one or two of
their ideas on a leaf and they hung it on the tree. When
we celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend we’ll read all
the leaves. (We’re celebrating early because we’ll be away
on Thanksgiving.)

I just want to add — this actually comes quite
easily to the kids because before (or during!) dinner
we hold hands and “are thankful” with a few moments
of silence. We end with a gentle squeeze that goes
around the table and breaks the silence.  Then we usually
talk about what we’re thankful for that day (our family, friends,
health, and things like that).  Now the kids are great about
saying “let’s be thankful” and even little ED will reach out
her hand (over and over and over!) to be thankful.

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