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This week our reading related to Thanksgiving (many
of my read alouds were Thanksgiving books) and LD
read a number of Thanksgiving stories and readers.

We’ve been busy with all the kids’ outside activities:

Kindergym, Tues mornings — mostly for ED but LD’s
friend stays home from school, so he gets to hang out
with his friend all morning. We go early because I help
set up each week, hauling all the mats and equipment
out into the gymnasium.

T-Ball, LD plays T-Ball

Ballet, Wed mornings — DD enjoys her dance class,
though apparently isn’t wild about skipping which they
do “EVERY” time (she moans).

Gymnastics, Wed afternoons — LD and DD decided
they wanted to give gymnastics a try when two friends
said how much they loved it. They’ve had a wonderful
time and I somehow have volunteered to help out there
as well (I have no gymnastics experience, but did do a
training course to be able to help with Kindergym).

Kindermusik — We’re doing kindermusik with ED, she

Swim lessons, Fri afternoons — All three of the kids
have swim lessons again this season. They all really
enjoy it and love their teacher. I like her too as we’ve
known her since Logan was a toddler.

And pictured below are a couple other projects we
squeezed into the week along with math, reading,
writing, piano and so forth.

Spin art
Hammering kit — DD made a dog while LD built
a star fighter

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