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I just posted this in one of my yahoo groups.  Just thought it might be of use to someone else (though I’ve mentioned many of these websites already!) She was asking for skip counting websites and games.  This is what I wrote:

Last week I came across a wonderful resource.  It’s long list of interactive websites for playing math games online.  It’s at  I haven’t used the Internet very much for math games lately, but this past week my son was begging to play these games.

I chose a few games for my first grader to play (including skip-counting).  Here are some examples of games listed at this website:

1)  Your child can practice counting by 2s (from 26 or whatever) in this connect the dot game:

2) You child can click on the butterfly that shows the missing number (counting by 2s, 5s, 10s or 100s) —
by 2s —

3) Find the number missing on the spooky ghosts (92 ? 96 98)

4) Ghost Blasters II: Choose a sum for your child to work on (let’s say 10).  Then your child has to find the ghost pairs to equal 10 (1&9, 3&7)

Things you can print out to play:

SKIP COUNTING FILE FOLDER GAME (Wagons by 2s,3s, etc.):

COUNTING MAZES (count by 2s or 3s up to 200 or 300). I laminated mine, put them on a key ring and toss them into a work box now and then.  Here’s the website, but I also put the links for the 2s and 5s below.

There is a LONG list of themes to choose from (fall, fish, polar bears and on and on!)
by 2s:
by 5s:

MATHWIRE.COM — I would suggest doing a search on skip counting on this website. For example, I came across this “Frosty” skip counting practice sheet by 5s. This website has a WONDERFUL collection of games for all kinds of math topics (organized into themes and months as well!).  Check it out if you haven’t already!

Hope someone finds this posting of use.

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